Date: 6 months ago   Category: Incidents

81% of residents of the Kemerovo region are available 4G from Beeline

PJSC VimpelCom (a brand Beeline) declares end of the next stage of the works directed to increase in a cover zone and speed of data transmission at LTE networks in the territory of Kemerovo and area. As a result of construction of new base stations 4G (LTE) in the range of 1800 MHz the cover zone has increased by 12%. Now 81% of residents of the Kemerovo region are available the high-speed 4G Internet from Beeline. Besides start of new base stations, a number of acting in the territory of Belovo, Kemerovo and Kemerovo district, Kiselyovsk, Mariinsk and the Mariinsky area, Mezhdurechensk, Toes, Novokuznetsk and the Novokuznetsk area, Aspen forests, the Prokopyevsk district has been modernized. Also among tasks of telecom operator – continuous work on control of parameters of network for improvement of quality of service of users. Residents of the Kemerovo region have appreciated improvement of a radio covering of the mobile Internet – in a year (from August, 2017 to August, 2018) the number of active users of LTE has increased practically by 60%, the volume of traffic of LTE network has increased by 76% Olga Koltunova, the territorial manager Beeline in the Kemerovo region: "We do all necessary to satisfy demand for services of mobile Internet access. For example, data transmission speed when viewing online video as a result of the last improvements has grown by 7%, and downloading of a song of 5 MB in size will take the user on average only 3 seconds. Our network in the territory of Kemerovo, Novokuznetsk and area is ready to growth of number of users and loadings. Therefore we offer all who want to test the new speed of the Internet Beeline in the Kemerovo region the new tariff "Anlim" * with an unlimited package of the Internet for 10 rubles a day". To share: As advertizing