Date: 2 months ago   Category: Society

A fight erupted on the Russian TV after a fascist greeting of the guest

The Russian writer Sergey Loyko sounded a greeting which was used by fascists in days of the Great Patriotic War on air of NTV. After that in studio the fight began. The invited expert Ivan Trushkin, expressing that Loyko the Russian, however at the same time he is a supporter of ideology of Stepan Bandera, called the writer the fascist. In reply the last said the slogan used by Nazi troops. After the incident participants of shooting were up in arms against the writer who read a fascist slogan who in the protection claimed that thus he joked. – Sergey Loyko dared to say a phrase which eulogizes Nazism in absolutely clear and not interrogative form. It will not be suffered in this studio by us, – Trushkin told. After Loyko's conflict expelled from studio. Later authors of the Meeting place broadcast reported that they intend will appeal to the prosecutor's office with a request to understand the incident. Video: The Facebook / Meeting place to Share: videos expelled Loyko's fight NTV TV meeting place a fascist greeting air