Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

A quarter of the Kuzbass employers are ready to dismiss the employee for a repost in social networks

Experts have conducted survey among employers in the Kemerovo region and have found out their relation to placement of various information by their employees on social networks. It has become clear that a half of employers inquires in activity of employees in social networks only at a stage of their consideration as candidates for the place, at the same time 28% of respondents always look through pages of the workers. Nearly a half of respondents have reported that they won't hire the candidate if they see contradictory posts. 21% of employers admitted that they are ready to dismiss employees because of posts and reposts on social networks, and 5% have told that they already did it. 22% of kuzbassovets are sure that employers don't "monitor" their social networks. A third of employees don't think as information published by them can be reflected in the relations with the employer. Survey was conducted by specialists of the portal in job search of "Зарплата.ру" among 840 representatives of the Kuzbass companies and 1 640 applicants. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Kemerovo region Kuzbass work repost social networks of a social network dismissal