Date: 9 months ago   Category: Incidents

"A way in anywhere": the motorist has complained of lighting of Kuznetsky Bridge in Kemerovo

The resident of Kemerovo Oleg has addressed to the editorial office VSE42.Ru and has complained of lack of lighting on Kuznetsky Bridge. According to the citizen, such situation can provoke the increased accident rate on the section of the road. The resident of Kemerovo has reported that in the evening on September 10 he went on the car from Kirovsky district under bad road conditions – poured a heavy rain. – Not only that visibility because of a pouring rain is so reduced, so on Suvorov Street there are no lamps at all, go in the dark. But it is still fine, the most cheerful has begun when I have come around on the bridge. Throughout all Kuznetsky Bridge there are lampposts, but there is no light! – the resident of Kemerovo is indignant. The citizen has noted that at the same time the stream of transport moves at great speed. – The other day here from the bridge the car has fallen in Novokuznetsk. Probably, in Kemerovo want something similar, time consider lighting of the transport bridge unattainable luxury. You go, and the way goes in anywhere, black emptiness, – Oleg has reported. The editorial office VSE42.Ru calls car owners for care at the movement in the conditions of limited visibility. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: complaint of Kemerovo Kuznetsky Avenue illumination of a photo