Date: 10 months ago   Category: Society

About 30 thousand teachers have gone on strike in New Zealand

In New Zealand 29 thousand teachers of initial and average schools have participated in a strike. The protest action has taken place in the country for the first time for 24 years. As reports to RIA Novosti, only the teachers belonging to labor union New Zealand Educational Institute have participated in a strike. By means of a protest action they demanded pay rise and also reduction of number of pupils in classes. Because of a strike through the whole country have closed hundreds of schools. Lessons had to be cancelled at 400 thousand students. Representatives of a pedagogical segment of the population have promised that if the Ministry of Education doesn't consider their requirement, the protest action will be prolonged for one day in the capital of New Zealand Wellington. The prime minister Dzhasinda Ardern has said that similar changes require time. Therefore she has urged teachers to work with the government. Photo: Google.Images to Share: strike salary New Zealand teachers of a photo