Date: 9 months ago   Category: Incidents

Abramovich have thrown a picture into the Marine at an exhibition in Italy

The citizen of the Czech Republic has attacked the Marine Abramovich at her exhibition in Florence. As weapon the malefactor used the artist's portrait. As reports Sky TG-24, an incident has occurred on Sunday when Abramovich left an exhibition in the palace Palazzo Strozzi. the 51-year-old man has thrown into her a portrait which was, presumably, drawn by him. It is noted that the attacker has been detained by police officers. His name isn't disclosed, however, according to the edition, earlier he already became the person involved in similar affairs. As a result of an incident the 71-year-old artist from Serbia hasn't suffered. She has said that she isn't going to file a lawsuit against the man. Photo: google.images to Share: Abramovich Italy exhibition picture portrait