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Admitted Sony Music that songs for a posthumous album of Michael Jackson were sung not by him

Sony Music releasing Michael Jackson's albums during trial admitted that in several tracks from a posthumous album of the singer "Michael" other person sings. It is noted that Jackson's fans suspected it since 2010. The album left in 2010, in one and a half years after the death of the singer, and for half a year to his exit in media messages about existence of 12 almost ready tracks which have been allegedly written down in the fall of 2007 in the house of the producer Eddie Kaskio have begun to appear. Three of them as a result have entered release. Members of the family of Jackson who were present at work on a plate began to doubt that the vocal on the tracks Kaskio really belongs to Michael publicly. Sony Music and The Jackson Estate operating creative heritage of Jackson declared conducting investigations which results have allegedly proved authenticity of a vocal. In 2014 Jackson's fan has submitted a claim against Sony Music and The Jackson Estate, having accused the companies of fraud and violation of laws on consumer protection, having confirmed the assumptions concerning a third-party vocal on a plate with opinion of the independent expert. On August 23, 2018 the KarenCivil edition has received copies of case papers in the order – it has become clear that during process of Sony Music recognized that "Monster", "Keep Your Head Up" and "Breaking News" are really sung by other person. The decision on the legal claim isn't made yet. It is noted that Sony Music and The Jackson Estate can threaten criminal trial, Vibe writes. We will remind, the unpublished composition of Michael Jackson left in a new album of Drake. Photo: Google.Images to Share: vocal Michael Jackson authenticity trial court