Date: 8 months ago   Category: Science

All wolves of the world descend from Siberia – scientists

All wolves of the globe are descendants of population from prehistoric Siberia, scientists have found out. On August 22 in Belgium results of the international research DNA of wolves in which the group of scientists of the Royal Institution of natural sciences of the country participated are published. "All wolves living today on the planet except for, perhaps, Tibet, conduct the origin from Beringiya (the prehistoric region uniting modern Eastern Siberia, Alaska and a part of Canada – a comment of TASS), – it is said in the publication to which TASS refers. Descendants of population of wolves of Beringiya have begun migration to other regions of the planet about 25 thousand years ago. They became ancestors of the gray or ordinary Canis lupus dominating in the world. The analysis of DNA of modern wolves from different corners of the planet which is carried out by scientists during the large-scale researches demonstrates to it. Also this research has confirmed origin of modern domestic dogs at the genetic level: they conduct the family tree also from Beringiya's wolves whom, according to scientists, the person has begun to tame approximately in at one time in different corners of the planet. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Beringiya wolf Eastern Siberia gene research world population genealogical