Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

Analysts have warned about the sharp growth of xenophobic moods in Russia

The number of the Russians opposing residence of people of other nationalities in the country has sharply grown up. Results of poll of Levada Center which were analysed by the Vedomosti newspaper demonstrate to it. The number of citizens of Russia, intolerant of other nationalities, has grown with ten to 19%. About 40% of respondents have supported discrimination on nationality at employment or transfer of the apartment to rent. The number of Russians who consider true containment policy of inflow of migrants by the state has increased by 9%. Respondents have counted Roma as the most undesirable representatives of other ethnoses. Chinese and Vietnamese have taken the second and third places of anti-rating. Experts have assumed that growth of intolerance is connected with the expected economic difficulties in Russia. Photo: Google.Images to Share: xenophobia of nationality nation Russia tolerance ethnoses