Date: 10 months ago   Category: Science

Android viruses in large quantities attack Russia

The virus laboratory Eset has determined Russia on the second place by the number of Android viruses. The virus laboratory ESET has conducted researches of malicious applications on Android OS and has presented him to the public. Russia was included into the three of the leading countries on number found by Android threats. Have attributed her 14% of all virus attacks for the first half of the year 2018. Ahead of us Iran – at it is 16% of Android attacks. And on the third place of in large quantities attacked – Uganda from 8% of cyber attacks. The mass virus attacks to mobile devices are also recorded in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Follows from the report that the most active threats are Satori and a trojan of Exobot. The main way of infection – through Play Google applications. Specialists of anti-virus laboratory do everything possible to neutralize influence on gadgets of the virus attacks. But every month about 300 new viruses are fixed. And here experts call to the aid cyberpolice which task not to allow emergence of similar cases. Photo: Google.Images to Share: the gadget infection cyber attack cyberpolice the leader threat androit a virus