Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

Anyone will be able to act in rollers "for adults"

The pornwebsite Naughty America has started service thanks to which anyone will be able to appear in a roller with the actress or the actor of "cinema for adults" at choice. Thanks to this service the user of the website will be able to receive an individual pornroller in which he will be a direct participant for a certain payment, Variety reports. The technology allowing to appear in a porn has been based on development of deepfake which thanks to a neuronet does possible rather high-quality replacement of persons in various movies. It is noted that heads of the website have picked up the idea after users of an imidzhbord of Reddit by means of deepfake have begun to change the faces of actors in pronofilma. For confirmation of operability of service, the management of the pornwebsite has published several videos with demonstration of opportunities of new technology. Photo: google.images to Share: deepfake Naughty America of the person of a porn pornwebsite