Date: 8 months ago   Category: Science

Archeologists have dug out artifacts of the 18th century in Kirovsky district of Kemerovo

Thanks to archaeological researches in Kemerovo it was succeeded to find samples of the 18th century: coin, ware and nails. Scientists plan to continue researches. Scientists have studied maps of the village of Kemerova of a sample of the 1840th years and have found the vacant site where earlier the barn settled down. Archeologists have made excavation in the place which has interested them in the territory of present Kirovsky district and have found unique artifacts: coin denga of 1748 of release, shod nails, pottery and china. – We have new knowledge of the one who lived here what their life was. A layer behind a layer we see that these settlements are founded before the 19th century. Now we make plans for development of new sites, is planned to begin excavation in the spring of next year, – the head of Kemerovo Ilya Seredyuk who has visited the place of excavation has told. In the future scientists intend to broaden the field of researches: to dig out the site where there was a chapel earlier and also to check territories which were occupied by the Verkhotomky jail (the territory of the Kemerovo district). The found samples will become exhibits of the museum of archeology, have reported in municipal administration. Photo: The administration of Kemerovo to Share: artifacts archeologists archeology village of Kemerovo of Kemerovo photo coin