Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

Archeologists have found most ancient "hashtag" on the planet

The scientists who are engaged in excavation in a cave of Blombos in the south of Africa have come across the most ancient of the known rock paintings left by the person. Researchers claim that he reminds outlines a lattice. According to researchers, the drawing similar to a sharp symbol was a part of more complex creative composition, reports the Nature magazine. Experts after the carried-out analysis of a piece of a stone with the image have come to a conclusion that the drawing has been executed by ochre about 73 thousand years ago. Earlier was considered that ancient people have begun to apply various images no more than 42 thousand years ago. As the certificate to it the drawings found in caves on the island in Indonesia acted. Photo: Nature to Share: archeologists Africa Blombos sharp excavation cave drawing of a photo hashtag