Date: 8 months ago   Category: Science

Artificial fat was developed in Ukraine

The Ukrainian students of agricultural university in Sumy could create fat substitute. It consists of vegetable oil and gelatin. The associate professor of university department of food assures that it is possible to make artificial fat any taste: salty, with pepper and other spices, sour, sweet. Also the producer is capable to control independently its fat content and to do it various. The attention on is paid that the novelty is "a healthy alternative" to usual salted pork fat. According to developers, in difference from animal fat, the product doesn't contain many harmful substances, and even vegetarians can eat him. As report Izvestia, the taste of a salozamenitel is worked out so well that even gourmets won't be able to distinguish him from the present. It is noted that natural fat becomes less available to residents of Ukraine. So, for 2017 salted pork fat in the country has risen in price for 67% and became "a social product No. 1" on growth of the price. Photo: Google.Images to Share: fat salozamenitel Ukraine