Date: 9 months ago   Category: Politics

Belarus has released a part of the journalists detained in the matter of BELTA

Several journalists suspected of illegal access to data of the BELTA state agency were released, transfers Among the released editor-in-chief of Marina Zolotova, two employees of this edition – Anna Kaltygina and Anna Ermachenok and the editor of the Belorusy I Rynok edition Alexey Zhukov. The staff of the Belarusian media is accused of illegal access to paid materials of BELTA. According to investigators, in 2017-2018 15 thousand illegal connections are recorded. In SK of Belarus note that Zolotova admitted that illegal connections were carried out from her permission. The journalist is accused of unauthorized access to information and inaction of the official. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Belarus BELTA journalists