Date: 6 months ago   Category: Incidents

Belovchanin corrupted more than a year the 13-year-old daughter

The resident of Belovsky district was detained on a charge of actions of sexual nature in relation to the nonnative daughter. The man living in one of villages of Belovsky district is convicted of debauchery. According to avokado, 40-year kuzbassovets lived with the wife and four children from whom three were the general. However the malefactor regularly scoffed at the 13-year-old stepdaughter for the sake of own sexual satisfaction. – The girl's mother often worked during a night shift. Using it, the pedophile has inclined the girl to actions of sexual nature. Violence repeated every time, the girl and the criminal should have appeared alone, – writes the online magazine. The aggressor was afraid that his secret will be revealed, and carefully watched the girl's life, without allowing to communicate with the father and peers, constantly beat for disobedience. Only more than a year of sufferings later the girl admitted to the teacher that bruises on her body have arisen because of aggression of the stepfather. The pedophile was detained, in his relation have brought criminal case on St. "Actions of sexual nature concerning the person which hasn't reached 14 years". Threatens the person involved up to 20 years of colony. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: Belovo girl Kemerovo region stepfather pedophile