Date: 8 months ago   Category: Science

Biologists: the laziness was the engine of evolution

The "laziest" animals and plants differing in extremely low speed of metabolism were the main winners in an evolutionary race not most adapted, and. Article of biologists evolutionists in which it is told about a research has been published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B magazine: scientists have compared the speed of metabolism of the modern mollusks and their relatives who have died out in the last five million years. As it has appeared, the died-out invertebrates on average had faster metabolism, than those types which exist today. Further, having collected sinks of three hundred species of nowadays existing and fossil mollusks living on coast of Atlantic in the last five million years scientists have calculated their body metabolic rate and have compared them among themselves, report RIA Novosti. Thus scientists have found out that "active lifestyle" had extremely negative effect on how long there were these species of invertebrates, – the quicker there was a metabolism, the their evolutionary life was shorter. In the nearest future scientists plan to check whether the similar regularity among other representatives of flora and fauna including the vertebrate animals living in the seas and on the land is observed. Photo: Google.Images to Share: research laziness scientists