Date: 9 months ago   Category: Incidents

"Bonnie and Clyde" from Kiselyovsk in large quantities stole a red game from shops

Spouses from Kiselyovsk earned additionally not in the most lawful way: stole food in grocery stores to sell to acquaintances. Malefactors were fallen prey by red caviar, sausage, cheese and other. 37-year-old киселевчанин and his 25-year-old wife have arranged a peculiar family business: malefactors serially stole food in supermarkets of the city and sold, and the gained money spent. According to the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs, criminal couple during the illegal activity has managed to appropriate to 31 banks of red caviar, 20 chocolate bars, eight long loafs of sausage and 10 packings of cheese. Police officers could trace thieves, having analysed records from surveillance cameras. Also it was succeeded to establish participation of the man in robbery: once he has taken out banks of coffee worth 1000 rubles from shop two. Concerning "Bonnie and Clyde" have brought criminal cases which assume up to five years of imprisonment. Materials are directed to court. Photo: google.images to Share: food Kiselyovsk theft red caviar robbery