Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

Bookmakers have estimated Kim Jong-un's chances of Nobel Peace Prize

The most probable candidates for Nobel Peace Prize, by estimates of bookmakers, are the president of South Korea Mun Zhe Ying and the head of DPRK Kim Jong-un, RIA Novosti tells. The coefficient on their victory makes from 5/6 to 4/7, that is the probability is estimated by from 54,5 to 63,6%. The second possible winner of an award – the U.S. President Donald Trump. The probability of his victory is 20-28,6%. Bookmakers also accept rates on a victory of the former head of Catalonia Carlos Puchdemon (7,7%), the German chancellor Angela Merkel and the Pope Francis (on 5,9%). Bookmakers estimate probability of winning of the award of the world to the Russian President Vladimir Putin at 3,8%. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Kim Jong-un Nobel Prize