Date: 8 months ago   Category: Culture

Brad Pitt can appear as Rasputin in the prequel Kingsman

Authors of the prequel Kingsman consider Brad Pitt for a role of the friend and adviser of imperial family of Romanov, the unusual peasant Grigory Rasputin. As That Hashtag Show reports, the picture has received the name "Kingsman: Big game". It is already known that Mathew Vaughan will become the director of a tape, and one of roles will be executed by Rachelle Weis. It is supposed that events of the movie will take place at the time of World War I. The son of the English duke by the name of Conrad who gets on training to the British intelligence can become the main hero of a picture. Authors of the prequel also want to place in the movie by several more historic figures among whom there are Franz Ferdinand and Gavrilo Printsip. It is supposed that shooting will begin in 2019. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Kingsman Brad Pitt Grigory Rasputin of cinema prequel role