Date: 10 months ago   Category: Politics

Brazil has established troops on border with Venezuela

The president of Brazil Michel Temer has taken one more measure for fight against migrants. This time he has sent armed forces of the country to border with Venezuela. The Brazilian leader has explained that it will help to keep safety not only of citizens of his country, but also migrants. – Today I have made the order about use of armed forces for providing the law and an order in the State of Roraima to guarantee safety of the Brazilian citizens and Venezuelan migrants who flee this country in search of a shelter in Brazil, – Temer has told. At the moment to the state bordering on Venezuela have sent about 120 soldiers, Izvestia reports. It is supposed that they will be able to prevent influx of illegal immigrants. Earlier it became known that fifty refugees have come to Spain by the rubber boat. Dozens of tourists during the rest could watch how the vessel has moored at the coast Costa-de-la-Luz. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Brazil Venezuela migrants