Date: 9 months ago   Category: Politics

Britain and Germany discuss new sanctions against Russia

The authorities of Great Britain and Germany discuss imposition of new sanctions concerning Russia in connection with recent charges of cyber attacks, Bloomberg tells. The deputy prime minister of Great Britain of Theresa May David Lidington spoke earlier about need of taking measures in which the kingdom counts on the help of allies. The representative of the cabinet of Germany Steffen Seibert has confirmed that Germany conducts negotiations with the European partners on sanctions. – The government of Germany is almost sure that the Russian military intelligence bears responsibility for recent cyber attacks, he said. Earlier the Netherlands declared prevention of the hacker attack to OPCW in which they have accused four Russians. Accusations were made also by the USA and Canada, having accused seven citizens of the Russian Federation of cyber attacks. Four of them – from the Dutch list. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Great Britain Germany cyber attacks