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British because of a rare disease of 17 years kept to a nuggets and French fries diet

British Ryan Hovart since four years didn't eat any food except chicken nuggets and French fries. Many years later doctors have found out that the guy has a rare disease. Since four years Howard refused to eat something except fast food. Sometimes he could eat a little stake, sausages, pasta or candies. At the same time 90% of his diet made nuggets and potatoes. Every time when the family offered it something another, he got savage and fell into a hysterics. – I reacted to the offer to eat something else as ordinary people would react to the offer to try insects. Other dishes seemed to me alien, – the young man has told. As Hovart has told, he often quarreled in family which worried for his state. He ate only in the room and didn't come to the general dinners. When Ryan has grown up, doctors have found in him frustration of selective food. Occupations with the psychotherapist have helped him to break a psychological barrier in relation to food. – It is improbable, but I like dishes at which I couldn't even look earlier. Something is tasty, something isn't present, but I try everything, – British has shared emotions. The young man and all his family have noted that at the guy the mood and health have improved, he has also started going with the family to restaurants, reports. Photo: to Share: British food photo fast food