Date: 6 months ago   Category: Society

British has sent to mother of a photo of the happy son and has cruelly killed the child

The court has pronounced a sentence to 31-year-old British who to death has beaten the two-year-old son. Previously the man has sent to mother the photo of the smiling child. An incident has occurred on December 15, 2017 in Nortgemptona, Life reports. The father has taken away the son on a visit from the house of mother with whom I didn't live for a long time. British has sent to the woman of a photo of the smiling boy, and then for the unknown reason has begun to beat him cruelly. Later doctors have recorded on the child's body not less than 39 serious injuries, including 13 fractures of edges, a rupture of a liver and bleeding in an abdominal cavity. Experts have also found cocaine in blood of the kid. It is supposed that by means of drug the man tried to calm the boy before death. The defendant has said that the child has drunk juice and has fainted, and was traumatized during falling. The court has sentenced him to 24 years of imprisonment. Photo: Google Images Share: Great Britain beating drugs нортгемптон father child