Date: 10 months ago   Category: Society

British have swept on a dabldeker in Kuzbass on the way to Australia

Residents of Kemerovo have noticed the red two-storeyed bus, unusual to the city, on streets. It has become clear that on bright transport several people go from England to Sydney, and their way has lain through Kuzbass. Users of social networks have also noted that they noticed the two-storeyed bus on Insky's roads, Berezovsky and other settlements of the Kemerovo region. It has become clear that on a dabldeker five people travel: brothers Cameron and James, their father Peter, girl Morgan and friend of the family Alex. They from London through all continent go to Sydney. – We move practically through all continent. Yesterday have left Kazakhstan, ahead Mongolia. Naturally, in our tour couldn't but be Russia. We the most important – is excited about people, you such friendly by nature, but, – Cameron Gillespie has noted. On the way British will spend three months, reports Katun24 TV channel. Photo: social networks to Share: Australia England of Kemerovo Kuzbass photo travel