Date: 2 months ago   Category: Incidents

British spent the fortune won in a lottery and settled the woodcutter

The resident of Great Britain Michael Carrol within 10 years persistently spent nearly 10 million pounds sterling which he won in a lottery. Now the man is forced to plow to support himself. Correspondents of The Sun communicated to the former "king of life" from Norfolk which daily lowered almost 2 thousand pounds (about 169 thousand rubles at today's course). Carrol told that he bought the most expensive cars, spent the night in the best hotels and gave short weight himself gold from head to foot. The man spent a considerable part of money for women of easy virtue and the forbidden substances. When the prize suddenly ended, the man found out that it has neither house, nor the car. Carrol moved to Scotland and started life with a clean slate. He got a job on the enterprise for preparation of the wood where works for 12 hours. On this money he manages to remove inexpensive housing from which it on foot reaches work. When ask 35-year-old Michael whether he regrets that he lost all the money, it negatively swings the head. – No, – he says, – I did not lose them, and spent. However the mentality of the man changed a little. He claims that if good luck smiles to it again and he will win in a lottery again, then will handle money more carefully. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: Britain a lottery Michael Carrol spent money