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Business "goes broke": every tenth enterprise of Kuzbass is closed

FTS has presented statistics on tax additional accruals and registration of legal entities. In the last two years the number of the organizations in the Kemerovo region was reduced almost by 11% – from 49 to 43,5 thousand. That is, every tenth business has during this time disappeared. Moreover, every day on Kuzbass 15 enterprises are closed. Further – is more cheerful. The sum of tax additional accruals only for the I half-year 2018 by results of exit checks was 2,8 billion rubles that is 200 million more, than for the same period of last year. At the same time, the number of checks was reduced with 230 to 200, and the average sum of additional accruals has grown from 11,3 million about 14 million rubles (almost by 20%). That is, the number of legal entities decreases, the number of checks decreases, and additional accruals grow. What do tell these facts about? Checks become much more selective – the tax inspection goes to those who can precisely additionally accrue (so, from 200 checks of 2018 in 197 cases violations have been found). Habitual schemes of optimization are "under a cap". Tax authorities managed to achieve almost full transparency of tax charges, any violations and "gray" schemes are instantly opened. In addition, businessmen are expected by increase in the VAT to 20%, and in case of bankruptcy it is necessary to answer on debts of the company to the owner, directors, finance directors, the chief accountant and other persons. How to survive in the conditions of total transparency of tax control when all habitual "gray" methods of economy on taxes are blocked? How to do business and not to be ruined? There is a solution! There are more than 49 lawful ways for reduction in taxes on profit, the VAT, a personal income tax, insurance premiums. Also, businessmen need to be able to protect themselves and the assets, using legal tools. Vladimir Turov (Moscow) at a seminar practical work "How to optimize taxes, to leave from "obnal" and to keep assets in severe realities of 2018-2019" which will take place on September 24 and 25 in Novosibirsk, will tell about all ways of reduction in taxes, protection of business, subsidiary responsibility and about many other. Come and receive ready decisions! Vladimir Turov is an expert in the sphere of optimization of taxes, protection of business and the financial analysis. More than 18 years have practical experience. YuK "Turov and Poboykina – SIBERIA" http://владимиртуров.рф of ph.: 7 (383) 2-380-380 to Share: As advertizing