Date: 6 months ago   Category: Incidents

Candy with methamphetamine has got to the little American for Halloween

The five-year-old child from the USA has appeared in hospital after has eaten sweet with drug inside. As reports the The Independent edition, the juvenile boy on the eve of Halloween went on neighbors and asked from them candies by convention. To the child strongly poplokhet after he has eaten one of a festive food: at the boy the body has grown dumb, he couldn't move hands. The father who has noticed strange behavior of the child at once has brought the boy to hospital. Doctors diagnosed at five-year-old a condition of drug intoxication, in his blood methamphetamine traces have been found. After the incident the facts that the boy's parents a few years ago were addicts have outside emerged. According to their statements, they have already received medical treatment and long ago didn't accept the forbidden substances. – I just tell the truth about the event with my son. None of my family or family of his father would never begin to pump up children, – Lenta.Ru quotes the victim's mother. Now circumstances of an incident find out law enforcement agencies. Photo: google.images to Share: children methamphetamine drugs child of the USA Halloween