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Coal reserves at the Kuzbass power plants of SGK have exceeded standard indicators

The Kuzbass power plants of the Siberian Generation Company (SGC) by the beginning of a heating season could provide coal reserves with excess of the standards provided by the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation. So, now totally warehouse volumes of fuel on thermal power plants of the SGK Kuzbass branch are 1 367 thousand tons. In 2017 by September 1 932 thousand tons of fuel have been saved up. – Coal at the Kuzbass power plants more than is enough trouble-free to enter a heating season and to meet the first cold snaps. In the last three years almost all our state district power plants and combined heat and power plant worked with the raised loadings, even during the summer period electric powers were demanded by the market. Therefore having worked by the beginning of summer old stocks, we consciously went for increase in shipments of fuel from the coal-mining enterprises in our address during the interheating period and now are provided with fuel with a reserve, – I have noted during the operational meeting with heads of power plants the director of the SGK Kuzbass branch Yury Sheybak. We will remind, official start date of a heating season in Kuzbass – on September 15, starting date of readiness for execution of the maximum winter loads by the power enterprises – on November 15. At the same time security with fuel is one of the main criteria for evaluation of power plants by preparation for autumn winter period from the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: Kemerovo coal reserves heating season preparation for winter of SGK Siberian Generation Company Energetika and housing and public utilities