Date: 6 months ago   Category: Society

Couple from Great Britain kept several years the Pole in thraldom

The police of the kingdom has arrested the teacher of one of the British universities and also her spouse. Couple is suspected of keeping of the citizen of Poland in slavery. As writes Daily Mail, the family couple forced the man to sleep four years at itself in not heated shed. At the same time before the Pole have employed in order that he has finished construction works in a garden. The hostage had to sleep on a plastic chaise lounge and to work for food to survive. He has also told that in the place of his stay there was no toilet even. It is noted that the 56-year-old teacher and her 54-year-old husband are rather wealthy people. In their house five bedrooms, and all structure estimate at 1,2 million pounds sterling. Photo: Google.Images to Share: velikobritaniy Pole slavery of a photo