Date: 10 months ago   Category: Incidents

Criminalists have told the reason of escape of people to the deadlock at the fire in "Winter cherry"

Experts of FSB have found out the reason of why people during the fire in Zimnyaya vishnya shopping Center ran in the party, opposite to rescue. Survivors have told criminalists that during the fire on the fourth floor there was a man who said that on a ladder fire blazes, and sent people to the opposite side. Experts have counted the people who have run to the deadlock. From cinema halls No. 1 and No. 3 of people evacuated, however about people in the second cinema hall "have simply forgotten". And, their session has ended at 16:08 while the fire has begun at 3:59:02 PM. After end of the movie the audience has opened a cinema hall door, but was late – around everything was in smoke. At movie theater 36 people have died. – On cameras it was visible how three employees of shopping center at first have gone to the deadlock, however then have returned on a right way. At 4:02:18 PM the woman with two children has turned into the deadlock, behind her there have passed two women with two children. For women on the wrong way have passed: the man (11, 12) inclined to the child, then the man with the child on hands (13,14), further one more man with the child (15,16), the woman or the girl who has hidden the face in a hand (17) and the young man (18). On record have also got the man which I have also curtailed (19) to the left and I have involuntarily taken away two more men with two children (20, 21, 22, 23). In several seconds in pass two women who have curtailed in the incorrect direction (24, 25) have seemed, behind them the teenage girl (26) has run, the last at 4:02:51 PM the camera has recorded the woman and the child (27, 28), – Izvestia tells. Part of these people has managed to get out, having turned back. As a result of near the locked fire escape rescuers have found bodies of 16 victims. Have found bodies of seven more people in a corridor. Memories to the victims of the fire in Zimnyaya vishnya which have died on March 25, 2018 will build the square on the place of the demolished shopping center. His project was published in Network recently. Photo: News to Share: video Zimnyaya vishnya fire Deadlock experts