Date: 6 months ago   Category: Incidents

Dead cows with the blood-stained eyes were found in JAO

The female resident of the village of Babstovo has found ten dead cows at whom stomachs have been inflated on one of pastures and blood from eyes flowed. At the moment in the region check upon this incident has begun. As have reported to EAOMedia news Agency, animals were found by one of local residents. The woman has told that cows were grazed when 10 of them have beaten off herd. Later these individuals were found on soy fields. Eyewitnesses note that cows had strong indications of poisoning with chemicals. Their stomachs have been inflated, and from eyes blood flowed. At the same time near the improvised cemetery the packages of substance of red color powdered with the earth have been found. To carry out expertize of contents of packages, they were withdrawn. Investigation verification is at the moment organized. Photo: Google.Images to Share: JAO animals cemetery of a cow poisoning