Date: 6 months ago   Category: Incidents

Deadly threefold road accident happened on the route Kemerovo-Novosibirsk

On December 6 on the section of the highway Kemerovo-Novosibirsk three cars collided. As a result of road accident one of drivers died. A road incident occurred at 07:05 on the 140th km of the route R-255 "Siberia". KAMAZ, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Kia Sorento collided. The minibus and Kia went from Kuzbass towards Novosibirsk. Previously, the truck driver came out to the oncoming traffic lane and faced Mercedes-Benz then Sorento with the Kuzbass numbers moving in the passing direction crashed into "German". The press service of UGIBDD of Kuzbass reports about it. As a result of accident the driver of Mercedes-Benz died. Besides, varying severity his passenger was traumatized. Now law enforcement authorities establish all circumstances of incident. Photo: AST-54 to Share: accident of Kemerovo Novosibirsk dead victim of a photo