Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

Deputies intend to revive the Soviet zagotkontor

Deputies of the State Duma will consider the possibility to revive procuring offices on acceptance at the population of wild plants. Legislators intend to make amendments in Lesnoy the code of Russia. The bill which will revive procuring offices on intake of berries of mushrooms, stubs, birch barks, a cane and other forest riches is introduced to the State Duma. Procuring offices remember many from Soviet period. Mushroom pickers and herbalists handed over in collection point the nature gifts collected by them from a camomile and a dogrose to a mushroom of a chaga and birch bark and received money. As note in the State Duma, similar measures – a good incentive for more active development of natural wealth. Biological stocks only of one wild-growing berries in Russia reach 9,5 million tons. And their most part decays in the wood by the end of a season, RIA Novosti writes. Photo: Google.Images to Share: birch bark State Duma zagotkontor mushrooms law collection point for berry