Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

Deputies of the State Duma will consider the bill of increase in salaries of teachers

Deputies of the State Duma have prepared the bill of double increase in a base rate of salary of the teacher. The law which suggests to establish to the Russian teachers a base rate of not less than two minimum wages for the region is completely ready to introduction, one of authors of an initiative, the deputy chairman of the State Duma Education Committee and science Oleg Smolin has reported to RIA Novosti. – Sense of the bill following: the base rate of the pedagogical worker has to be not lower than two minimum wages on the region of the Russian Federation. In order that the teacher shouldn't have worked for two rates, and could work for one or slightly more and at the same time to have the worthy standard of living, – Smolin has told. At the moment, according to the parliamentarian, the bill is completely prepared for submitting for examination of the State Duma. Photo: Google.Images to Share: law salary increase consideration teacher