Date: 8 months ago   Category: Incidents

Details of cruel murder in Novokuznetsk became known

There were details of rough handling over the pensioner and his daughter in Novokuznetsk. On August 11 26-year-old Ruslan took alcohol together with the father-in-law and the wife. After the 62-year-old man has offended the son-in-law, that has used rough handling with family – has struck numerous blows with a knife to the cohabitant and her father. After that he has continued a feast. Then he has closed the apartment and has gone to other city. – Next day the relatives of the victims concerned by the fact that they should communication have come to visit them, – "" reports. – Has guarded relatives that the house is closed on the lock, and the call of the mobile phone is distributed inside. They have exposed a window and have got into the house. In the room they have found the victims. At present the murderer was detained. Now law enforcement authorities resolve an issue of a measure of restraint for the defendant. It is noted that he cooperates with the investigation. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: detention Novokuznetsk detail knife murder