Date: 9 months ago   Category: Culture

Diana Arbenina has expressed the intention to adopt the child

The permanent soloist of the Night Snipers group Diana Arbenina has told that she plans to take the child from orphanage. The actress has reminded that she already has children – twins Marta and Artem, but despite it, she already long time thinks of admitting to family of the child from orphanage. – If it has so turned out that there is there a child whose life I can cardinally change, who will have a brother and the sister, I mean Artem and Marta, well so same it is healthy! – the singer has shared. Arbenina has also told that she will surely take in child care facility with herself the son and the daughter. – Here when I will come there, I finally will understand, I can go to it or not. Because to go there, it seems to me, well it is possible to leave there heart therefore I, of course, will go with children there, – she has explained. The singer has also noted that she doesn't deny – by that moment when she makes up the mind to a similar step, perhaps, will already marry, Izvestia reports. Photo: Google.Images to Share: arbenina orphanage children adoption