Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

Diaries with the coat of arms of the nonexistent country were received by first graders in Surgut

Have distributed to pupils of one of the Surgut schools diaries with a mistake in the Russian coat of arms. As reports the news portal, the two-headed eagle holds a scepter and the power, not habitual for the image, and a sickle and a hammer which were symbols of the USSR. At the same time the description of the coat of arms doesn't correspond to the actual image. – On our coat of arms the Golden two-headed Eagle is represented. Over his heads – three historical crowns of Peter the Great. On a breast of an eagle there is a red board. On him the rider who strikes with a dragon spear is represented. In paws the eagle holds a scepter and the power, – it is specified in the description. Representatives of the city administration have told journalists that they already look for the guilty person who has made such slip. Photo: to Share: coat of arms diary mistake Surgut photo school