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Disney will make third "Guards Galaktiki" under the scenario of the dismissed James Gunn

Disney film studio nevertheless uses the scenario of the third part of "Guards of the galaxy" which has been written by James Gunn. Will make it in spite of the fact that the director has been discharged of work on a tape in July, 2018. That Disney uses Gunn's materials, the brother Sean has reported it. – I don't know what occurs to now "Guards of the Galaxy 3". I know that Disney still wants to shoot the film. Obviously, it was very unpleasant situation for all, first of all for James. But I have also spent half a year for creation of this movie, and now all this is let to wind, – the actor has told. Sean has expressed opinion that the studio won't be able quickly to find other director who could organize actors. He has also noted that the film studio isn't sure when work on a new part of the film epic begins, TASS reports. We will remind, James Gunn, the director of two parts of "Guards Galaktiki", have been dismissed from the Disney company because of offensive posts vtwitter, made in 2008-2009. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Disney James Gunn of cinema of guards of the galaxy