Date: 6 months ago   Category: Economy

Dmitry Medvedev explained the reason of petrol crisis

According to the prime minister Dmitry Medvedev, sharp increase in the cost of gasoline and the shortage of fuel in some regions of Russia it is connected with oil industry workers who took offense because of reduction of the income. Medvedev made such statement on a traditional interview to journalists of the Russian TV channels. – Due to increase in prices our oil companies considered themselves offended, they came and speak, we do not receive so much how many we counted in domestic market. And someone promised it to them? – cites words of the prime minister of The head of the government noted that enough measures at the moment are taken for stabilization of the prices of gasoline and promised that if control over a situation is lost, the government will make "decisions, unpopular among oil industry workers". Let's remind that at the end of October of oil company agreed with the authorities about wholesale prices for gasoline. Photo: Google.Images to Share: gasoline deficiency Medvedev oil industry workers reason price fuel