Date: 10 months ago   Category: Incidents

Doctors of the ambulance on Kamchatka have twice refused to carry to the hospital dying

The 42-year-old female resident of Vilyuchinsk of the Kamchatka region has died after twice for one night have refused to her hospitalization. Relatives of died blame for the death of the woman of doctors. The tragic case has occurred at the beginning of August. To Natalya Uzlenkova suffering from a renal failure in the evening on August 10 it became bad, and her relatives I have called the ambulance. The arrived physicians have given to the woman an anesthetic injection, however have refused to hospitalize her, Kam 24" reports ". In the morning on August 11 Uzlenkova's condition has again worsened, and she had to call doctors again. To the woman there has come the same crew, as for the first time. However even after the second call have refused to her hospitalization. – Did you see time? You go to bed, – the daughter died words of physicians cites. Later even some time Uzlenkova's relatives have called for ambulance the third time. The doctors who have arrived in an hour, around 10:00, have taken away the woman in hospital. – In the accident ward of any actions directed to assistance it hasn't been carried out. In the Kamchatka regional hospital have refused hospitalization as have considered that in it there is no need. The patient was defined in therapeutic office. At 12:35 she has died, without having received medical care, – it is specified in the appeal of relatives to law enforcement agencies. At present investigators carry out an inspection upon the incident. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: doctors physicians ambulance death