Date: 3 weeks ago   Category: Politics

Donald Trump admitted sympathy for Theresa May

The U.S. President Donald Trump said that he was grieved by Theresa May's leaving from a post of the prime minister of Britain. The American leader during the conversation with journalists told that he regrets for May's resignation. According to Trump, the British prime minister it was pleasant to him. – I am sorry. It worked much. It very much was pleasant to me, – cites words of the U.S. President of RIA Novosti. Let's remind that on May 24 the head of the government of Britain Theresa May declared the resignation. She will leave a post of the head of Conservative party and the prime minister's position on June 7. Till this time at it the official meeting with Donald Trump will take place. Photo: Pixabay to Share: Britain resignation sympathy of the USA Theresa May Trump