Date: 11 months ago   Category: Incidents

Dozens of people have died at explosions in the capital of Afghanistan

To less measure of 20 people have died and about 70 more were wounded at a detonation of explosive devices in Kabul in the evening on September 5. According to local TV channel 1TV, the first explosion has taken place in police quarter in the west of the city during competitions in club of single combats. The second explosive device was put in action by the suicide bomber after arrival to the place of law enforcement authorities. Representatives of Tolo News TV channel in the official Twitter account have also reported that during explosions two journalists have died. – With a big regret the Tolo News TV channel confirms death of two of the best journalists. When publicizing the first explosion the 28-year-old correspondent Samim Faramarz and the 23-year-old operator Ramiz Ahmadi have died, – it is said in the statement. At the moment any organization hasn't taken the responsibility for the incident. Photo: google.images to Share: Afghanistan explosion journalists of Kabul dead terrorist attack