Date: 6 months ago   Category: Incidents

Drunk kuzbassovets threatened to blow up the Barnaul station

Visitors of the station in Barnaul were evacuated because of the Kuzbass guest who "planted a bomb there". As reported in regional management of the National Guard of the Russian Federation, on the night of December 6 fighters left on the alarm signal which arrived from the Barnaul improving hotel complex. The administrator of sanatorium told that the guest who is in one of numbers shouts that planted a bomb and will blow up it. Employees of group of detention passed in the specified room and found in it the man in alcohol intoxication with phone hands. – The drunk lodger demanded from the operator of service 02 to connect him to the President of the Russian Federation or at least to the representative of his administration, – quotes the local edition "Amik" of eyewitnesses. On refusal in this request the man threatened to blow up the station. Being in the building of the station evacuated. The room was surveyed, the bomb was not found. 31-year kuzbassovets who is in federal search for obviously untrue report on the preparing explosion was made responsible for the crime committed from hooligan motives. Also initiation of legal proceedings is decided. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Barnaul bomb station kuzbassovets police president National Guard of the Russian Federation phone