Date: 4 weeks ago   Category: Science

Egyptologists proved extraterrestrial origin of an amulet of Tutankhamun

Staff of the University of Curtin disclosed origin of a breast amulet of Tutankhamun, discussions about which were conducted for hundred years. Scientists found out that Ancient Egyptian yellow glass of which the Pharaoh's amulet was made was formed when falling to Earth of a meteorite. Researchers studied the smallest particles of zircon formed about 29 million years ago. It was revealed that material kept traces of mineral of the reydit which is created only under the influence of high pressure when falling a meteorite, RIA Novosti tells. Disputes on origin of the Libyan glass were conducted about hundred years. Questions were raised by absence at ancient Egyptians of technologies for its creation. Photo: to Share: amulet Egypt meteorite Tutankhamun