Date: 9 months ago   Category: Politics

Elections in Latvia were won by party which is supported by the Russian-speaking population

The Soglasiye party enjoying support of the Russian-speaking population has won a victory at parliamentary elections in Latvia, Delfi tells. According to preliminary data, Soglasiye was supported by 19,91% voting that will allow her to receive 24 deputy chairs – as much how many and in the current convocation. the 5 percent barrier was broken by six more parties – KPV LV (14,06%), New conservative party (13,6%), "For development / For!" (12,04%), Visu Latvijai – TB/LNNK (11,03%), the Union "green" and peasants (9,96%) and "New Unity" (6,67%). According to the edition, all parties which have gone to Diet already have refused cooperation with Soglasiye. Thus, despite a victory, the party will remain in opposition. Photo: Google.Images to Share: elections Latvia Consent party