Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

Elon Musk has accused the British diver of sex with the 12-year-old girl

The billionaire Elon Musk has accused the diver Verna Ansvorta of the sexual relations with minors again. As appears from the letter of the head of the Tesla and SpaseX companies, available journalists of BuzzFeed News, Musk called Ansvorta, being directly involved in a rescue operation on liberating of children from a cave, the pedophile again. This time the billionaire assures that the diver married the 12-year-old girl from Thailand. – He is an old lonely white guy from England who traveled or has lived in Thailand 30-40 years, generally on the Pattay beach, I haven't moved to Chiangray for a wedding yet with the bride who at that time was 12 years old, – the edition cites the words Mask. The head of Tesla has also noted that he isn't afraid of possible judicial proceedings which in the middle of July Ansvort threatened. Photo: google.images to Share: diver girl Elon Musk charge pedophilia Thailand