Date: 9 months ago   Category: Science

Elon Musk has presented the boring machine operated from the gamepad

The The Boring Company which founder is Elon Musk has posted on Twitter video with the new boring car. Her feature is that it copes by means of the gamepad from the Xbox One video game console. It is noted that the main objective of the car – laying of tunnels. Such development was thought up to facilitate work of builders. During underground works they should in manual change the provision of some parts of the boring mechanism. Thanks to development now it can be done in the remote mode, what is much safer. The company pays attention that drilling speed also increases. At the moment the system was installed on three boring machines. Best video game ever — The Boring Company (@boringcompany) on September 8, 2018. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Xbox burimalny car of video gamepad Elon Musk