Date: 7 months ago   Category: Incidents

Employees of a supermarket in Surgut have locked the teenager in the refrigerator

Staff of Pyaterochka shop in Surgut has closed the teenager in the refrigerating room. "Surgutinformtv" has reported about it. According to TV channel, sellers have decided that the young man has stolen something and have locked him before arrival of police. However law enforcement authorities to charges of theft haven't found confirmations. What is the time the teenager has stayed in the refrigerator isn't reported. It is noted that his parents have expressed the intention to appeal with the complaint to the prosecutor's office as the police officers who have arrived to the place haven't taken measures to sellers, and to involve employees of a supermarket under article 127 Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Illegal imprisonment". According to Interfax, investigators have already begun check on this fact. Photo: Google Images Share: teenager Pyaterochka employees Surgut supermarket refrigerator