Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

Everyone can become the hero of own movie! Or how to earn in 14 years

To residents of Kemerovo suggest to be trained and master the "Installation and Computer Graphics" program. All who dream to get a job the director on television, to earn money on shooting and installation or just to sort gigabytes of house videoarchives and to create a qualitative video about the life, now are able to do it! The SCHOOL of TELEJOURNALISM of Irina Chichendayeva lets out professionals of installation. In the program: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, feature of installation of rollers for YouTube. Only professionals – people who have an extensive experience of video filming and installation which do rollers for the largest organizations of the region teach and watch all trends of installation and shooting. Throughout all course students not just study how to remove and process the picture, to work with a sound and to be engaged in color correction, and create the own video. As the head of School Irina Chichendayeva tells: "Agree, for certain, at everyone gigabytes of the home video – from travel, since holidays and actions are stored in the computer. They for years "become dusty" and nobody ever will look at these tiresome shivering separate shots. And present if all this to collect, beautifully and dynamically to mount, enclose music, to improve quality of color and a sound, to impose effects! And in general, if to speak about professional achievements of our graduates, then among them there are children who quite not bad already earn. By the way, even 14-year-old school students: in the morning study, in the evening freelance. In my opinion, great!" Set in professional groups on the "Installation and Computer Graphics" program is open. All details by ph. 8 (3842) 44-69-77, 8 (3842) 63-63-66, 8-962-734-6977. The group in VKontakte to Share: As advertizing